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Make Cheap calls to India, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia and anywhere else in the world...

Cheap calls to Pakistan, India, South Africa, Anywhere...For India, call access number 0871 570 7879 (10p per minute)

For Pakistan, call access number 0905 306 5941 (15p per minute)

For South Africa, call access number 0870 794 5825 during normal hours at National Rate, or call access number 0844 570 5825 for 5p/min weekends and evenings

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How can I topup from my mobile?
  • Send a text message with FILLMEUP to 83006
  • You will be charged £3 and your mobile will be credited with £3 talk time
  • Call the access number that applies to your country/destination
  • Dial your number
  • Talk
text FILLMEUP to 83006
What are the rates to my country?
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How does it work?
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Never before has there been a more instant hassle free way to save on your calls abroad. For mobile users simply send a text message to 83006 with the keyword FILLMEUP. This text will cost £3 and you will receive exactly £3 worth of credit to your mobile.



Simply dial 0901 366 4917 from a BT phone to gain a £1 credit. During the call choose the phone you want the £1 credit to be transferred to. (a £1 call will appear on your phone bill).

Low cost international calls - Text FILLMEUP to 83006CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE CREDIT CARD

talk now

Call when you want, for as long as you want, as often as you want. Make your call from your chosen phone using our 0207 124 6666 or 0845 451666 access numbers. 0800 594 6666 can also be used but 3 pence per minute surcharge applies.

Mobile users can use the 0207 access number as part of their free monthly minutes. (5p connection charge applies for each call).


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Remember you get our great rates without having to open an account or give out your credit card details. Start saving right here right now!

How can I make cheap international calls from my landline?
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