I need a web site designed and I have already registered the domain name. Can I set up web space through you and transfer the domain name there?
Yes! Although we urge customers to do the whole process in one go, your domain name can be transferred to where your web site will be hosted.

I travel all over the world and need to be able to read my email from out of town. Can I do this with the email package you offer?
Yes! Your email account comes with a web mail facility (like Hotmail or Yahoo) so you can read your email from any computer or Internet cafe.

I have products that I want to sell online, but I don't want to take credit card transactions. How can this be set up?
We can set your shop up so that your customers may add their items to a cart, and when it comes time to checkout, they have the option to print the order and mail or fax it to you, or simply email it to you. Payment can be made over the phone or by cheque.

I would like a package web site but I need a .com domain name. Can I have this?
Yes! A .com domain name with one of our packages is only an extra £5.00.

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