Logo Design

Do you have a new company that needs branding? Or an old business that needs a facelift? You can have a professional logo designed from as little as £70.00! Click here for Logo Design Portfolio showing examples.

In order to provide you with a logo we'll need some information from you, a deposit, and you'll need to read and understand the terms of business associated with our logo design service.

What information do we need from you?

  1. What is your company's name?
  2. What does your company do?
  3. Do you sell products, or do you provide a service?
  4. Do you have a slogan/unique selling point?
  5. Where do you operate/where are you based?
  6. What/who are your main target population/client base?
  7. Do you serve mainly consumers or businesses?
  8. Do you have a corporate colour? If not, then...
  9. What colours do you like?
  10. What colours would you like to avoid?

What does a logo design cost?

  1. Logo design costs start at £70.00.
  2. We require a 40% deposit on all design work to get started on the new logo for your company.

What do you get?

  1. A professional logo designed according to your guidelines and specifications
  2. The source file and copyright
  3. A high resolution 300dpi jpeg for use in print and a 72dpi version for use on the web

What are the Terms and Conditions?

  1. Once you have requested that we do the logo design we require a 40% deposit
  2. We will then get started and design a draft according to your specifications and input
  3. Once the draft is complete it will be posted on our website for you to view
  4. If you like the design, we send you the jpeg logo in 300dpi hi-res and 72dpi web versions, along with the source file and the copyright is yours
  5. If you like the overall look, but would like changes made, we do this and once you approve it we send you the details in point 4 above
  6. If you don't like the draft at all, we will ask you for your comments & guidance and we have a 2nd attempt. The same procedure follows.
  7. If after the 2nd attempt you still don't like the draft we will do a 3rd attempt in the same manner. Normally by this stage we will have provided you with a logo you like.
  8. If after the 3rd draft you still don't like the design, we won't charge you the remainder of the £60.00 service fee for the failed attempts, but if you want us to continue with a 4th draft and so on we will need to start the process again and charge a deposit of 40% to begin work.

How do I get started?

Send an email to us below with details of your requirements - we'll contact you as soon as possible to request the necessary information from you and provide you with details of how to make payment for the deposit. As soon as we have these taken care of we can start designing and you could have your logo in less than 2 working days!



To see examples of previous logos design by Brendon Morris, please visit the logo design portfolio.

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