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Brendon Morris provides website search engine configuration services. Our methods are not a secret; we simply follow the basic procedures of ensuring a website is suitable coded and configured to ensure the search engines will index it.

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What do we do?

There are a number of factors that will affect your site's listing, search results and page rank. Our BASIC search engine configuration procedure involves the following:

Valid HTML 4.01!1) Firstly we ensure the site is error free and properly programmed by validating the code and making sure it conforms to W3C recommendations and other standards.

2) Then, we update all the title tags, meta tags, and keyword tags, description tags and add a few others to ensure the site is providing the search engine robots with the correct information.

3) We will also add a robots.txt file or ensure that your current robots.txt file is correctly laid out and is telling the search engines the right thing.

4) Then we ensure that your content on your home page contains enough of your keywords and that they appear in strategic places on the page.

5) If your home page doesn't link correctly to the rest of the pages on your site, we correct this and add a site map to ensure all pages are indexed.

6) Finally, we will submit your website to the top search engines and directories like Google, Yahoo, DMOZ & MSN.

7) Once your site has been configured, if you like we can do adjustments each month (to the keywords, key phrases and title tags etc).

What else can we do?

In addition to the above procedure, we can also add a RECIPROCAL LINK program:

1) RECIPROCAL LINKS PROGRAM - Once your site is configured, one of the most important things for getting a good page rank in Google is how many 'backlinks' you have... i.e. 'how many web sites link to your site'. This tells Google how 'important' your site is on the web, and thus improves where your site is listed in the search results. The way to do this is to get other sites to list your website somewhere on their site (usually a links page). Some sites have automated link pages, whilst others are manual (you may have to ask the webmaster to have your site added). This also requires that we set up a 'links' page on your site so that you can reciprocate the backlinks. Once this links page is set up, if you need a link added you email the details to us and we will include it.

2) AUTOMATED LINKS FACILITY - Alternatively, we can add an automatic linking facility to your site which will allow visitors to automatically add their link to your site in exchange for a link back from theirs. The link exchange facility will from time to time automatically check that they have added the link and it is still valid, and if not it will remove their link from your site.

Details of Link Exchange Programs

What does this cost?

1) Our BASIC Search Engine Configuration procedure above costs £120.00 for a 6 page website. Further pages are £20.00 per page. Thereafter if you would like monthly adjustments, this is offered at £25.00/hr.

2) The RECIPROCAL LINKS PROGRAM costs £40.00 to set up the links page, and £2.50 per link added. You send us the details of the link you want us to add, and we add it to your links page. NOTE: We do not source links for you.

3) The AUTOMATED LINKS FACILITY costs £120.00 to set up.

What guarantee do I have that this will work?

We cannot provide any guarantee that you will be linked at the top of Google, or that you will receive an increase in page rank. However, in our experience with previous clients' web sites, many who have used our Basic Search Engine Configuration procedure have experienced a marked increase in their listing on search results pages. Furthermore, clients who have taken on a Reciprocal Links Program have noticed an increase in their page rank within a couple of months.

We don't claim to be SEO professionals because we concentrate on website design and development, but when a client does ask for their site to be configured for search engines we do our best with the methods we know to get their website properly indexed by search engines. If our clients succeed, we benefit from repeat business in the form of updates and development, so it's in our interests to provide the best possible service.

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