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Website designersBrendon Morris offers professional website design services at rates that are far more affordable than the average UK design rate.

Our services include attractive new web designs, site re-designs, code repairs, site maintenance, content updates, design of graphics, logo design, Flash and many other web related tasks.

We specialise in launching new companies on the web by providing them with an affordable web hosting package and a website that gives them a headstart online.

How do we offer such affordable rates?

It's simple - we're based offshore.

Design and HTML development is handled by Brendon in South Africa, and complex programming is coded in India. All projects are managed by Brendon, and individual tasks are controlled by his very accomplished Project Managers in India.

What makes us different?

"In this age of electronic contact we've found our location has not hindered us; rather it has made us preferred, as we can offer the same services more cost effectively."
Brendon Morris

Actually, we're no different from other web design companies. We provide the same kinds of holistic Internet services that you would find offered by most London web agencies and freelancers.

We reply to our clients' emails within an hour normally, and we're only a phone call away on our 0208 London number. But instead of being down the road, we're a little further away, where we can charge less for the same quality services.

How experienced are we?

We recently secured our 100th client. Of those 100, we still serve on average about 40 clients every month. The tasks and projects range from web design to web hosting, HTML and PHP web development to data services, updates and maintenance to business card design, and many more web and IT related functions.

Our portfolio, however, shows only around half of the projects we've been involved in. Some of our clients are design agencies themselves and they prefer us not to publicly showcase projects that we've developed under their banner.

How can clients be sure we're right for them?

"Having lived and worked in London for nearly 9 years, I understand the work culture & expectations of London businesses. UK Internet users pay great attention to detail, so designs & online experiences need to be perfect in order to make the grade."
Brendon Morris

We have a very satisfied client base, most of whom provide repeat business.

Also, a lot of our business is obtained by 'word-of-mouth'. No marketing is as inexpensive or says more than being recommended by someone who has experienced your service first hand and approved of it.

In addition, many of our clients have offered to act as references, which has to be a sign of a happy customer. So if you would like to contact any of them, take a look at our portfolio and visit their websites for contact details.

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