New website design

Your new web site can be designed and developed to your specifications. Acting on your requirements, we'll come up with a design that suits your company's needs. From as little as 390 your new custom designed web site could be up and running within just a few days!

Website re-design

If your web site is looking dated and needs a facelift, a new look can be designed and the whole site revived. The existing content on your site can be re-used in the new site, which means you don't have to sit for hours writing up new information.

Website repairs

Does your web site need a minor repair? Is something not working quite right? A simple fix may be all that's required to get your web site functioning as it should and it may cost less than you think to get that nagging problem sorted out.

Website Maintenance

If you need regular updates and changes to your web site, but you don't have the skills or the time, why not take on a monthly web site maintenance contract? For as little as £25/hr you could have all your new content plus updates added to your site on the day you request it! Monthly maintenance contracts can also be agreed.

Hourly Website Development

We provide hourly website development at a rate of £25/hr, but for a guaranteed minimum of 10 hrs per month our rate is only £20/hr. You send us your requirements as and when they arise and we will do the development work, keep an accurate timesheet and bill you monthly. Full hourly rate details

Graphic Design and Logo Design

Do you have a new company that needs branding? Get a professional logo designed from as little as 70. We also design business cards and corporate stationery to get your company's brand established.

Search Engine Configuration

We configure your website so that it has the best chance of being ranked as high up on the results page as possible. Click here for details of our search engine configuration service.

Bespoke Web Applications

Does your website need a custom built feature? We develop web applications in PHP and MySQL, or ASP.NET and SQL.

Online Catalogues

If you have products that you'd like to sell online, but you don't want to go to the expense of setting up an online shop or e-commerce facility, we can create a catalogue for you which will display your products with images, descriptions and prices and allow your customers to fill in an order sheet which they can then email to you for processing. It's quick and effective and you won't need a merchant account!

Online Shops

A step up from an online catalogue. We can provide you with a complete online e-commerce facility. Customers will be able to browse and search for products, add them to their cart, checkout and pay with credit cards all in real time.

We develop your shop using commercial software, which makes it easy for you to update the products as and when you wish. You also have complete order processing software included to help you manage your customers and your orders. As part of a new package we include your online shop software within the project design and development cost.

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